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Brand New Property C.A.S.H.F.L.O.W System Which Has Helped Many People Create Over £10k Per Month Cashflow From Property...
Hey, my name is Ashley Banfield, and I have helped many people just like you become financially free from creating C.A.S.H.F.L.O.W from property that you don't even need to own. That's right you can use another person property to make money for yourself and many are making over £10,000 profit per month all starting with just one property.

Over the past 3 years we have been teaching everyday people create financial freedom and leave their day job so they can do the things they want to do.

Nigel Moss went from zero to over £1Million in less than 2 years...

...with ZERO experience and just one course - THIS COURSE.

To find out a little more about the property C.A.S.H.F.L.O.W. System watch the video below or read on
C.A.S.H.F.L.O.W: How Would You Like To Quit Your Day Job This Year Earning More Than You Ever Have Before With Your Own Business?
The complete Property C.A.S.H.F.L.O.W. System helping you set up quickly and easily with a comprehensive flow.

Comprehensive insight to Serviced Accommodation along with the pricing model we use and how to use it to create the maximum profits

What area to focus on?
How to speak to agents to find deals
How to furnish
What to say to the councils
The New Management Agreement for S.A
The S.A Calculator
What Channel Manager to use
What property type is best and why
The type of demographic we look for as guests
Automation and how to set it up
Cleaning and laundry - in-house or rental?
What occupancy rates are right and break even points
Property set up to the right standard
Airbnb and set up plus multiple others
Low and High Seasons taken care of
How to research and the tools needed - simple to use
Calendar blocking with your channel manager
Minimum & Maximum stays
Insurance Needed
Full life time support
How to deal with the 90 day rule in London
How to deal with the mortgage lending question
Freehold and leasehold along with the head lease details
Permissions and regulations and much much more on the day
Plus much much more...

This will be an intense learning course so be prepared to learn, write stuff down and ask lots of questions. At the end of the day you will have the knowledge to start right away.
"In the prime areas and with the right property we make over £3,000 per month per property in profit. 
Part of the C.A.S.H.F.L.O.W System is building your C.O.R.E foundation for your cashflow property business which includes the following;

Central, Operations, Realty and Experience. 

We teach you in detail about building the essential C.O.R.E before you start. This is will ensure you have the right ingredients for the setup. This alone will guarantee your success as the rest falls into place.

Using the C.O.R.E System we have managed to setup properties that cashflow over £3,000 per month and you too can learn the same system in ONE DAY.
"How much money you make on average, especially as I am brand new and have ZERO experience? 
To answer your question I will use an example - Jimmy London went from ZERO to over £40,000 per month in profit in just under two years.  You can watch the webinar video below when you have time to hear and see me interview Jimmy about his journey. 
  • Adding more rooms using a PUB...
  • Adding a System to manager the rooms...
  • Adding value to a tied old pub...
  • And creating £15,000 per month in profit from one deal...
Where else can you set up a business so quickly and realise profits so quickly? 

And the results were awesome. 

Within two years, Jimmy has 29 properties and he does not own any of them. 

No Mortgage needed.
Nigel Moss Started With None Of His Own Money and Zero Experience - Watch His Video On How He Started & Went Onto Build a £1Million Business in Under 2 Years
Immanuel Ezekiel and myself have spent many months with experts to create the Property C.A.S.H.F.L.O.W System making sure that you learn as much as possible and retaining it once you leave us. We have also tested and proven the system ourselves as to have our students.

Of course part of your journey may include mentoring with us which we provide once you have made an application along with why you think you would be a great fit.

This is where we open up EVERYTHING and show you EXACTLY what we do, and why... 

Once you have completed the course we will invite hand picked students to mentor and help you become financially free even faster than if you did it alone.

We also buy and sell commercial property and have our very own portfolios so you have the confidence knowing we are full time property experts with a broad range of knowledge.
"BUT WAIT!! I'm already a landlord with a large BTL portfolio? How can you help me?"
Great Question...

This course will teach you exactly how to make more money from property you already own.

We simply run the properties through the same Property C.A.S.H.FL.O.W system and you can then decide on the changes to get started from BTL to SA and lose the tenant issues and gain much higher cashflow.


One of the main reasons BTL landlords come to us for help is that they are sick of dealing with tenants. Guess What? We remove all of those issues for you.

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